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  1. I love my acer monitor. Chris has a couple too. But I think, if I had the choice, there are some REAL nice HP monitors that could have next to no border but for some reason there's a fairly big black space... makes no sense but meh... "HP 23xi Full HD 23" IPS LED"
  2. And let's face it, Fifa 98 on the Playstation was the only good game of the bunch... XD
  3. Am not sure how to find that out... i can tell you though, it's a LOT cooler than Chris' PC. My god his is like a radiator
  4. Well just keep cables tidy, get an air duster or something to give it a blow every now n then. Maybe place it in a way that it's not right up on the wall blocking any fans or anything.
  5. Now we can play Minecraft together again! RUAHAHAHA
  6. got an 11 Kalphite King Soul Reaper task, clan mate and a friend of theirs offered to help so we went a long. Got the 11 kills with a bunch of misshaps, stayed for a 12th. 12th kill with about 2k health left and all the minions up (we decided to leave em alone as it was last kill), the tank and the healer died leaving me. I finished up and got my first ever drop =D
  7. With help from friends, clanmates and people in the nex mass fc, I finally have 90 crafting! Now to get the forgotten scrolls and unlock Death Lotus armour!
  8. Did some more Nexing, left because crashers/leechers/boredom so I went to do my reaper task. 8 QBD kills. 8th kill got me my second ever visage =D Not as great as it once was but still 1.2m
  9. Finally got another drop at Nex. Not quite what I hoped for. 9.8m, but it sold for 11m. Well deserved I think, given the number of kills I ended up tanking, as a DPS because no one was man enough to step up... Amusingly, I tank better in DPS gear than I do in Tank gear... Maybe I'm over thinking it in that scenario/ Meh
  10. Updated the OP with stats n loots. Got 80 Crafting, working on 90 to get the Death Lotus armour from my Player owned Port. Got 90 Smithing so now I can make the Tetsu armour from PoP. Need the scrolls and materials first but meh. Got the Body unlocked, legs are 1/4 or 1/2 of the way, not started helmet yet. Then i'll move onto Death Lotus. In order to get said material for the Tetsu armour, I need 90 fishing to try get co-op missions for Plate. Should probably get 90 RC for the Seasinger robes. I use them at Sara but hopefully I won't need them much longer if I get a hilt before they degrade. Thing with the PoP armours, Tetsu (Melee), Death Lotus (Range), Seasinger (Mage), there are tradable versions that will degrade to nothing. And there are Superior versions that have slightly better stats and cannot be traded, but CAN be repaired. So getting them would be smart of me, and once I have them, I can make the lesser model to sell. Need my fletching up to 95 too for the Scrimshaws from PoP's. I'm spending around 1m a time on one scrimshaw, sure they last 3 hours. But I believe there are superior versions again which can't be traded, probably last longer or give better stats, not sure. But it'd be saving me a fair bit of money. So all in all, for the Player owned Ports, I need 90 Fishing, RuneCrafting, Crafting, Construction and Thieving. Although those last two I don't think are important here. And 95 Fletching.
  11. Welp the voting is closed. Despite not getting answers to my questions, the thread discussing it on the RS forums was locked. So we won't know the finalists or the winner until a news post this week. And I don't know if there are categories (Best animation, best story, etc) nor do I know if those categories will be filled with the final 5 or if all entries will be considered for their appropriate category. Let's hope Jagex do this right! Granted they've not really done anything right thus far... XD
  12. Welp, I went to Fight Kiln again. Thought it about time to get that sodding cape! I didn't fail the fight but I did fail to get the Melee cape... So I went right back in again with no magic, only using Range for Jad and a few all mage waves. Got the right one that time. Now I'll be taking a break from that stupid thing before I try for the range cape =P
  13. So been having fun at GWD. Nex I got Pernix Gloves. A while later I got a Zaryte Bow! My LSP is still recovering after that... but 72m profit! Went to solo Saradoming GWD for the first time, got a godsword shard 3 on first kill, Warpriest of Saradomin Cuirass and effigy troll later on. Second trip I had 285 kill count, technically 51 kills of Zilyana. All I got was Warpriest of Saradomin Helmet and Greaves. Back to Nex, missed a bunch of loot. LSP still dead. Went to Armadyl GWD earlier! Been there for like 2 and a half hours. I made 38m!
  14. It wasn't even here yet?! I thought it came like a month ago XD
  15. But Maxy, he's an ALIEN robot... Not Japanese... EDIT: Just remembered another issue, Optimus and Grimlock kept changing their sizes if you didn't notice.. Optimus would be small fighting him, then big riding him, then small again and blaaah