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  1. New update 27/08

    i do agree.
  2. reddragoncels artwork

    ya 1 pic i made i have 5 others that are difrent but i think tis is best
  3. chat box

    well the idea is to get a chatbox into the fourms home page to speek with anyone who is on at that given time EDIT: Moved to the correct suggestions forum. ~Chris
  4. Black ops or Halo Reach

    to my knowledge of them i have guessed i am buying both they are good games from what i see so ya i do wish to get both
  5. games

    i know how u would take it i have has experience make games i made rs ps's that i coded my self with some explaining with people then deleted to make a beter one untill i got it perfect then i just deleated it. i know how u can say how big of an pain in the ass it is but the way im gunna do it is im gunna start it out as like part of WoW graphics then move on from there i have started it but no where near completing it plus its had to put in evrything that i want witch i need to make all my weapons and plus i have a few programs that can make them but still i have a lil experence with codeing things but ya.
  6. games

    ya i know its just im trying to get my people that i know that can code etc.. to get to help me i got my friend he is a game disiner ya. so im trying to do it at this moment but its hard to try and code something that is gunna be a 3d game with like things that are going to look like real people and have like evry detail that anyone could ever want its complacated to do this
  7. chat

    like a chat on the home page of the fourm for people who are online to talk to others wal posting etc. but also on the radio
  8. Your current handheld game being played right now

    god of war on psp
  9. What is the Most Classic Game you have Played?

    um on a system was sonic on saga but on held was mario
  10. [T] My review on Pok

    thats funny and crazy.
  11. Magikarp Pwnz You All

    nice crazy vid
  12. Pokemon Black and White

    neather can i !
  13. "Halo on the DS?!?!?!!?" No, there wont.

    i do agree ossy
  14. The Conduit? Good For Wii, or Not?

    i dident remember the controls i forgot i was like errr. but ya.
  15. What is your favourite quest?

    probably dragon slayer. it was entertaining