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  1. Slayer

    slayer is ok i guess, i like abyssal demons better lol XD, but the cape is hawt!
  2. 99 Firemaking Party

    gratz on 99 firemaking weegie!
  3. Castle Wars Killstreak Competition

    man i havent played castle wars in forever! i think they need to update it a little bit to make it more fun.
  4. Zezima is back?

    zezima is just another runescape player, doent matter what rank you are.
  5. Climbing Boots - Who Cares?

    it was a big mistake why they did it, they were fine the price they were..
  6. Good charm droppers

    waterfiends are really good crimson charm droppers, i like abyssal demons imo
  7. Merch Clans? Love em? Hate em?

    hate them! they mess up all the prices..
  8. Bank Worth

    yeah iv had that idea forever, just hoping they will put it in sometime
  9. dragon crossbow IDEA

    i heard they are designing the dragon crossbow already, we'll see i guess.
  10. Favorite RuneScape Movie Maker

    my favorite is "kothfanfilms" XD
  11. 27 Dungoneering...your levels??

    im 75 dung, hopefully getting 85 soon to make $$$ XD
  12. What did you do on RuneScape when you were a newb?

    back in the day of rs, all i did was woodcutting, i was a nub XD
  13. moneymaking?

    i mostly camp at abyssal demons to make all my money, but you get mad when you dont get a whip drop...grr..
  14. bandos is a joke of a boss, kbd is very easy.. never killed any other gwd boss
  15. favorite slayer task?

    abyssal demons all the way! XD