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  1. Check out the refresh rate in your display settings. Make sure it's up to what the monitor supports.
  2. Fine, I'll get SoM. AFTER exams.
  3. Fuck off, I'm division 4 on FUT on FIFA14 (on PC). I've been enjoying the shit outta 14. Also, is your list supposed to imply that they're all the same?
  4. Just watched the trailer and it looks really good. I want too many games though How can I decide between this and FIFA?
  5. From what I hear, G-Sync is a really cool technology (Basically, your graphics card talks to your monitor and vice-versa for a really smooth display), but I don't know if it's worth the extra cash. Your 770 will be able to handle > 1080p just fine. If you're looking for just one monitor, I would invest in 1440p (2560x1440) monitor. IPS boards are really nice too (for the color). In terms of cable, DVI and HDMI are pretty much the same, DVI just doesn't have sound, which shouldn't be an issue if you have your own speakers. Displayport (I'm assuming that's what DP means) is fine if your GPU supports it. What's your price range?
  6. I got it a while ago during a steam sale, and I did a few playthroughs. I'm impatient as hell though, so I set it on fast pace, and everyone died. I really enjoyed it though. I would definitely recommend starting with a gatherer's hut.
  7. A lot of this stuff I find on Youtube. I'll look through the suggestions after my song is finished and just start clicking around. That's how I found these last three. Also, Frank Turner is the shit.
  8. Nexus 5 Master Race. You could have been one of us.
  9. Yeah, Chris is spot on. Google Play music is effortless (wireless) music syncing with any music platform and Google Now is just plain fantastic.
  10. Should have gone Android.
  11. Sorry for double posting, but this song is too great to not share.
  12. Mmmm.
  13. Because Drum and Bass and Kanye/Charlie Wilson/whoever did it first Because holy shit this is so catchy.
  14. Did you put the bigger one in the middle?
  15. I love the multi-monitor taskbar because I can open specific things right on the monitor I want. For example, I have VLC pinned only on my right monitor, but Spotify and Filezilla pinned on my left. Makes things nice and organized for me. In other news, I love Chris's setup. Could do with less rainmeter, but other than that, very nice. I'm assuming all three are the same size. Have you tried Eyefinity/whatever nVidia calls their monitor combination software for games yet?