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  1. Appeal a Ban

    If you feel that you were unjustly banned from our Minecraft server, please fill out the application below as a reply to this topic and a staff member will get back to you once a deliberation is made. Minecraft username: Accused of: Staff member involved, if known: Additional notes:  
  2. Application for Membership

    With the re-release of our server, we will be asking all members to fill out this simple application before being granted build access. Our hope is to release another automated system in the near future. Please copy the text below and reply to this topic with your answers. If you're new, you may also take this opportunity to introduce yourself to everyone else! Note: if you were previously ranked on our old server, just reply with your Minecraft and we'll set you up! Application Minecraft username: Age:  
  3. Banished

    I love it. I've been following it since early development and the dev said that he built the game because he missed the simple tycoon/city-building games of his youth. And that's totally what Banished reminds me of!
  4. Fastest Download Speed?

    I got a little upgrade...  
  5. Server Suggestions

    Definitely wasn't expecting a pep talk from this thread of all places. You go Chris!!
  6. Your Desktop

    Just got a new laptop, love it so far!      
  7. Happy Birthday Matt K0re!

    Happy birthday man.
  8. Microsoft brings back the start menu!

    I kind of like the idea of the tiles and to some extent how they designed them. The thing I don't like is how they designed the rest of the UI around them. The start menu return is a good sign, but I still don't think I'll install Windows 8.1.
  9. What are you Listening to Right Now?

  10. What are you Listening to Right Now?

    The lead up to 2:22 and subsequent release is one of my most memorable musical moments of 2013.  
  11. Super Bowl XVIII

    I'm pretty much in the middle of Seahawks country so people are still super stoked about the win. Campus was definitely less busy today since a lot of people decided to head back to the west side to celebrate, this being the first Superbowl win and all.     I honestly do believe that Washington has the best fans in the league. My favorite showing of support was the 747-8 that Boeing flew over the state to form a 12.
  12. Super Bowl XVIII

    Go hawks
  13. Bitcoins

    I mined 1.5something bitcoins before it was big. They were only worth a few cents I think, Marty I think you tried mining with me if I remember correctly.   Then I reformatted the drive and lost the wallet.dat file. God I feel so stupid now, that could have been almost two grand.
  14. What are you Listening to Right Now?