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  1. Oi bitch! Get your ass back here!

    I miss you :(

  2. Even if it's Photoshop, false, or they're just downright stupid, I barfed a bit when I saw the words "Fox News" in GamingHeavens. They're completely biased and everything they say is false and their "news" is actually fiction. Don't trust them, they'll brainwash you. (MiniMiniMiniRant) ~Milk
  3. Most of the time, the two knew the answer. The key advantage Watson had was the ability to buzz faster as he could predict when the question would end. Altough, Watson has the disadvantage of never knowing for sure whether the answer is correct as he doesn't have a mind of his own and can't think. Humans can logic and reason through. Here's a pretty interesting article on Watson from Engadget ~Milk
  4. As of this moment, although I haven't truly gamed in ages, I would have to say - Minecraft - Team Fortress 2 - RuneScape Classic ( Funny, they're listed in order from most recently played to played over two or three years ago. ~Milk
  5. I was planning on actually buying it today. God damn. I'll stick to the classic, that's the way to roll. Even though it's pretty much a sandbox, you roll like that. In a sandbox. Oh, and it does run on Intel Integrated HD Graphics (well, classic does, as you know, that's the way I roll). ~Milk
  6. (HO)3 ! Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it! Happy Holidays otherwise! And if you're emo and dislike all happiness, I wish you a pleasant visit to a psychiatrist! ~Milk
  7. Dudes, where has one been!?

  8. Marty, if you leave me, it will be a form of cyber bullying and I will result in killing myself. But as for John becoming an Admin, I think I Jizzed in my Pants again, Just after I Had Sex. You deserve it man, and i wouldn't have been pleased if anyone but you or Robert De Niro had Marty's responsibility. Big Changes, Big Changes, ~Milk
  9. Playing with a Google Chrome notebook. NAIC.

  10. You're a complete bafoon. Whatever that is.

  11. I honestly prefer PC's (not even Macs - yet) when it comes to gaming. If you invest in anything, such as gaming, you should get more than just gaming out of it, more bang for your buck. With a computer, you can play games, and so much more (it's not even funny how much you can do with a computer). So, in conclusion of a paragraph 1 sentence long, get a computer and it will be worth it. ~Milk
  12. I actually really like the rewards for the top three winners of this competition (membership paid to talk about your expertise? hell yeah). I would join, but I neither have skill in RuneScape nor do I have the time to put this all together. Although, if everyone just BS's it and there isn't really a defined winner, should they actually receive the prize? I haven't looked at any of the videos yet, but I'm expecting some effort from people who enter! As many people with morals say, "Go Big or Go Home" and "Reach for the Stars (in this case membership)" Good luck to all contestants, and may the force be with you. ~Milk
  13. Most of you have a laptop or a netbook, some sort of portable computer. As a new owner of a laptop, I'm a little shaky on the do's and don'ts. A major question I have is if a laptop is suitable to run for prolonged periods (a day or two) without turning off. Would this cause the laptop to be heated to an extreme, does the leaving it on wear out the life span of the laptop / battery? Thanks in advance, ~Milk