1. Do not advertise:
    Do not use this forum to advertise a feature outside of the community. We are here to be closer together.
  2. Do not post unknown links:
    If the site isn't well known nor relevant, it doesn't need to be posted.
  3. Do not harass anyone:
    This includes contacting other users via the PM system, or talking about someone in a thread (being racist, sexist, overly insulting, or asinine).
  4. Do not post inappropriate images:
    Keep images to a maximum rating of PG-13. If it was on /b/ it probably doesn't belong here.
  5. Do not excessively swear:
    Swear words are permitted if used to prove a point. However, usage must be moderate and responsible. You must also not break the harassment rule.
  6. Do not post compiled programs:
    Only share source code in the programming section.
  7. Do not claim copyrighted material as your own:
    We don't want to see copy and pasting. Credit the original user and make it clear that it's not yours.
  8. Do not post tutorials of things you do not know:
    Sadly this rule is needed. We've seen it before and it's not pretty.
  9. Do not discuss religion of any type on the forum:
    They are your personal beliefs. Keep them to yourself.
  10. No discussion or advertisement of private / hacked servers:
    Please use the servers that the game developers provide for you.
  11. Try not to quote a person's whole post unless it's relevant:
    We do not want to read the same thing twice. Try to use the @person technique instead.
  12. Try to Do not use excessive formatting:
    Please don't get too happy with the font colors and sizes. Some people may have a hard time reading what you have to say.
  13. Try to use proper grammar and spelling where possible:
    This makes it a lot easier for everyone to understand what you're saying. We don't want to decipher your post.
  14. Do not discuss things which are illegal.
    Just because you do it doesn't mean you should discuss it here.